A Story on Ghost Month

The seventh lunar month (Ghost month) has finally come to an end, I would like to share my experience of a paranormal event and how the incident turned my family to Christ.

Several years ago, there was a paranormal incident in my house. At that time, there were only mom, dad, and sisters in the house. My sister was the first to discover the supernatural phenomenon. From time to time, they would see black and white shadows wandering around the house. Sometimes standing at the door of their room, sometimes standing beside their bed, staring directly at them, which was so scary and terrified them. Later on, my sisters also heard the sound of heavy chains dragging on the ground.

The atmosphere at our house was very intense and suppressed. My sisters were so frightened that they couldn’t sleep and in the night, they would keep the lights on till morning. There was this time when my sister even cried out of fear. I suggested to my dad that we should invite my pastor to the house to do house cleansing for our house, but since my whole family is not a believer except me, my dad rejected this proposal.
Later on, the supernatural phenomenon got more severe, and the shadows often appeared around us. Mom also began to see what we called black and white shadows. Dad tried to seek help from the experts (ShiFu) and perform rituals, but the supernatural phenomenon still failed to stop, in fact, it got worse.

This incident lasted for several months until my sisters couldn’t stand it anymore, and none of them dared to go home. My dad was very upset and asked me, why are they not coming home? I replied to him because there are ghosts in the house, so everyone dares not come home. After that, I finally persuaded my father to let my pastor come to the house to do house cleansing. At first, my dad was worried about whether the pastor would have to hang a cross, sprinkle holy water, or yell to chase the evil spirits away like in the movies. But in fact, the whole cleansing prayer process is very simple. The only condition is that my parents must be present. Because as the head of the family, he has the authority to let the evil spirits leave our home.

The pastor did a cleansing prayer for us, in the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus. After the prayers, for the first time, my sisters could sleep soundly without the lights on from that night onwards. The supernatural phenomena have also ceased, and no evil spirits will harass us anymore. My family also witnessed the power of Jesus because of this incident, and all of them came to know Jesus.

As mentioned in the Bible:[Luke 10:20] “However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”

I thank God for helping us during this special period, and through this incident, all my family’s names have been recorded in heaven. In fact, I have prayed for my family for more than 10 years, but I have never had the opportunity to preach the gospel to them, especially my dad. I thank Lord Jesus for using this special event to allow my family to witness the power of Christ and thus believe in Jesus.

In life, sometimes what we experienced may be bad, but once we can persist and trust the Lord, He can turn all bad things into good and bring us unexpected surprises.

All glory to Lord Jesus, Amen!












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