Case of a physically disabled sister

I once handled a funeral for a sister with physical disabilities. She had been wheelchair-bound since childhood and could not take care of her own daily needs.

I still remember the moment when her elderly mother first received her coffin, she was heartbroken and could not stop wailing, “My daughter, my daughter, my poor daughter…”
At that time, hearing those hear-rending cries, I had no idea how to comfort her, so I just stood there and prayed, “Lord, how should I comfort this mother?”

After a while, I walked up to her and said, “I know your heart is filled with pain and can’t bear this loss, but I want you to know that when your daughter left, she was not miserable and pitiful as you think. She was not alone.”
“Do you know? The person your daughter loved the most in life was Jesus. I heard that your daughter loved going to church, she went to church to worship God every week, rain or shine. This shows how deeply she loved the Lord Jesus.”
“Every girl’s dream is to marry a good man. I believe your daughter also had hoped for her own Prince Charming. Today, your daughter did not leave this earth alone and lonely, but that Jesus, riding on a white horse, came personally to welcome her to heaven. As it is written in the Bible, we are the bride of Christ, and Jesus is our bridegroom. Your daughter is the bride of the King of kings and the Lord of lords. How glorious! Not only did Jesus come personally to take her, but there were many angels accompanying her too.”
“Look at the decorations around you, aren’t they beautiful? Doesn’t it look like a wedding banquet? See how classy and elegant your daughter looks now. Today is the banquet feast between your daughter and the Lord.”
“We Christians believe that death is not a permanent farewell, but a temporary parting. One day we shall all reunite in heaven, we have this hope in our hearts.”
“Remember to take good care of yourself – eat well, sleep well – and not let your daughter worry about you. Release her to enjoy herself with Jesus, you will one day reunite in heaven.”

After hearing all these, the elderly mother seemed to come to a sudden realization. She dried her tears and brightened up.
In the days following the funeral, whenever I contacted the mother she would tell me with peace that she was eating and sleeping well because she knows that her daughter is happy by Jesus’s side, and she wants to keep herself in good shape for the day when they will meet again in heaven.

Through this, the mother, who was previously not a believer, has placed her trust in Jesus. How amazing! This is the hope we all have of eternal life.

All glory to God! Amen.


“每个女孩的梦想都希望找到一个好归宿,相信您的女儿也期待着某一天有白马王子的出现。今天您的女儿并不是孤单的离开,而是主耶稣亲自来迎接她回到天国。圣经说,我们是主耶稣的新妇,而耶稣就是我们的新郎。这是多么荣耀的事。”不但是主耶稣亲自来迎接她 ,还有很多天使陪伴着她。




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