Our precious child, we will see you in Heaven

One of the most heart-wrenching moments I had when I journeyed alongside bereaved families was when I arranged a funeral for a baby.
The most unbearable pain for every parent in the world is the pain of losing a child. It’s hard to imagine how heartbroken parents would be.
Passion prepared an elegant and honourable cremation service for the baby. Although only the baby’s parents and their close relatives were present, they were enough to send the baby away with their deep love and affection towards the baby.
The most memorable scene is when the baby’s parents hug each other and gently caress the baby’s coffin. They are saying their last goodbye to the baby. It still makes my heart ache whenever I think of that scene.
Passion collected handprints and footprints of the baby and created a book with precious memories for the baby’s parents. I think this is the only thing we can do for the family besides praying for them.
Although the baby has not been able to come to this world, he has yet been able to see this beautiful world and meet his parents, but I know that now baby is safe in the arms of Jesus.
The Lord will take good care of him, and I believe this family will all meet in heaven one day.
This is our greatest hope in Christ.

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