Hi Aunty Deborah and Uncle Kenny, this is Grace Ke, granddaughter of Mr. Kuah Boon Liat. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for our family. It was a beautiful funeral that was warm and heartfelt, and our family was completely stress free. We really appreciate your high level of service. Our best wishes to you and your team!


Passion is very professional in providing very good personal services, from set up to the running of the service. Providing pre-recorded songs, good sound systems, reaching out to families and I am very amazed by Marcus’s spontaneous gestures. When he saw the person cried while sharing the eulogy, he immediately brought the tissue to her, 一流的服务, 一级棒👏👏

Seline Ng

Deborah and Kenny hope all of you are safe, and sincerely thank you for your service these days, so that the funeral of our father can be completed in a solemn and warm atmosphere. We thank God for your lives and Passion Bereavement Care! You can see the grace and glory of God in your dedicated service and often willing to “Take a further step”. We are convinced that God must open a larger and wider door for you, so that you can become a more suitable vessel in His hands and a channel for God to benefit others!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Deborah和Kenny平安, 衷心的感谢你们这几天的服事,让我们的父亲的后事能够在即庄严又温馨的气氛中完成。我们为着你们的生命和Passion Bereavement Care感谢神!从你们尽心尽意,又常常愿意“多走一里路”的服事中可以看到神的恩典和荣耀。我们深信神必要为你们开更大更广的门,让你们可以成为祂手中更合用的器皿、更荣神益人的管道!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Thank you, Deborah, for your most efficient and effective arrangements. Very assuring that they are in your good hands. My relatives, friends and colleagues gave compliments. I can see your excellent service is imbued with a strong sense of professionalism; with the warm spirit and gracious heart for the grieving family. Thanks again.


Thanks so much Sister Deborah we really appreciate your help, support, goodwill and beautiful set up for our Dad!! My family and friends said it’s the most beautiful and peaceful memorial service they’ve ever seen!! May GOD bless you abundantly !!


Thank you Deborah. Indeed its really beautiful and memorial. Its funeral-As-A-Service. You have run it like ministry with a calling. Thank GOD and Thank you.