Planning for the future is never easy, and it is undoubtedly harder when you are planning in advance for the parting of a loved one. However, at PASSION, we believe that planning is paramount because we know that death is an eventuality and we want our loved ones to have the best departure they can have as they return to our Father in heaven. Advanced planning is also the best way to ensure that the funeral arrangements are in-line with the deceased’s wishes and expectations. We advocate and encourage families to approach us to plan in advance in order to avoid and reduce anxiety and stress at a time when tensions are already high.

How does Pre Planning help?

Many of our clients did not know what to do or what the procedures were like when their loved ones had passed on. By sitting down and planning in advance with us, we can give you professional, sound advice and consultation about the funeral arrangements for your loved ones. A funeral is the final opportunity we have to send-off our loved ones in a dignified and respectful way and we would be honored to have the opportunity to plan for it with you.

What are some of the things to go through during Pre-planning?

A funeral wake is comprised of many different aspects and PASSION will endear to sit down and have a thoughtful and thorough discussion with you and your family about your wants and needs. There are many cases whereby families were completely unprepared for the passing of their loved ones and did not have a good photo to use for the funeral arrangements. In addition, some of the things to be discussed include the wake venue for the funeral wake, selection of caskets, the church(es) and pastor(s) to be invited to conduct the Memorial Service and Cremation Service and any other requests to the best of our ability. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and satisfaction and strive to tailor our arrangements to fit your wants & needs.

What are the things I need to prepare for my loved one’s funeral wake?

Should your loved one pass on, there are a few key things that should be quickly prepared to facilitate the process of preparing your loved one for their funeral wake:

Male Female
Dentures Dentures
1 Set of Clothes 1 Set of Clothes
1 Set of Undergarments 1 Set of Undergarments
1 Set of Shoes 1 Set of Shoes
1 Set of Socks 1 Set of Socks (Optional)
Suit & Tie (Optional) Extra Clothes (Optional)

Should you require any additional information or wish to start planning in advance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for an open discussion. We are always happy to listen!