Arrange a COVID-19 Funeral

It is never easy to lose a loved one. Before the bereaved family can find ways to cope with their grief, they had to start preparing for the funeral. Not to mention, when the deceased died of COVID-19, the bereaved family members will feel more lost and fearful. At times like this, the bereaved family doesn’t know anything about the funeral process and procedures for handling a COVID-19 funeral, as it is not a common funeral.

In view of this, we are glad that we are able to help the family to walk through this sophisticated process. We have formed a special team to help in this area and we seek to ease the bereaved family by seamlessly conducting the funeral wake of the deceased. PASSION acquires sufficient knowledge and skills to handle a COVID-19 funeral case, and to send off the deceased in a respectful and honourable way.

COVID19 Funerals

Here are some common FAQ:

Yes. Funeral wakes for deceased of COVID-19 case are allowed by MOH.

NEA recommended that the duration of funeral wakes should be kept within three days. Such duration limitation is to minimise any potential risk of transmission between visitors during the funeral wake. The bereaved family may also consult the funeral director for other options.

The bodies of the deceased will be prepared by the hospital, they will be double-bagged before being placed in a hermetically sealed casket. Collection, casketing and transport of the bodies are restricted to funeral services companies only, where the staff are suitably protected and conduct under the guidelines for the handling of bodies with COVID-19.

NEA strongly recommended the bodies to be cremated. However, burial will be permitted only if there are strong religious reasons.

Embalming of the body with COVID-19 infection is not permitted.

To know more about how to arrange a funeral for COVID-19 case, please contact our Funeral Director, Deborah Kang at +65 9450 3710.