Lord, I will worship you with extended hands as my whole heart explodes with praise!

I will tell everyone everywhere about your wonderful works and how your marvelous miracles exceed expectations!

(Psalm 9:1)

 我要一心称谢耶和华,我要传扬你一切奇妙的作为。(诗篇 9:1)

Jia Tian & Cheong Family

虽然没有接触基督教的丧礼,感谢有妳 Deborah,让我在失去亲人时和妳相遇,让我在泪水中看见彩虹….


Hello Auntie Deborah,

I am Shiyin (daughter of Doris). I am writing on behalf of my mom, my godma (Mui Hua), and the rest of the Liow family members.

We would like to express our gratitude towards you, Uncle Kenny, and your young-but-extremely-professional team of people for the help rendered to us the past 3 days.

My family is very grateful for your 100% good service, compassionate attitude, meticulous measures towards COVID-19 requirements, and lastly, the guidance given to us on the religious procedures that we are uncleared of.


Once again, thank you to you and your team 👍🏻


It’s the first wake in the family and as I was overwhelmed with grief, I am at a loss not knowing what to do. All thanks to Deborah, she was there to minister and pray for me, to guide and accompany me to the police station, and also giving me the professional advice I need to give my late husband a respectable send off. The entire funeral process was seamless, and perfectly done. I am very satisfied with their service.

Both Deborah and Kenny are compassionate and is dedicated to their profession, providing high quality and attentive service to their clients.


Passion Bereavement has been a huge help in managing all the details that you won’t want to be thinking about when you are grieving. We are thankful for Deborah’s support in planning the wake and funeral services, and for her warm smile and encouragement. We are very pleased with Passion’s service, especially the prompt and efficient service by Kenny and the staff team who ensured the welfare of the guests who came to pay their last respects my grandma. Thank you Passion Bereavement for walking with us as we saw grandma off to a better place.

Tan Family

God sent Passion Bereavement to see to my sister departure on earth. You guys did a great
job, far exceed our expectation. Thank you for your compassion and passion to the job. Praise God ! For his Grace and love to his people.

Hwee Li

When my husband died, many serendipitous occurrences took place and the first one was the appearance of Deborah and Kenny of Passion Bereavement.

They were like angels sent to assist me.

Their empathy,  compassion and patience were incredible.

I was all alone handling the funeral but with Deborah and Kenny by my side, taking me through every step, I didn’t feel so alone anymore.

Thank you so much, Deborah and Kenny. May you mightily blessed.

Mrs Ambrose Khaw Meng Chue

Dear Deborah, Kenny & Team. You are so special!

Words simply cannot express our gratitude for every details you & your team did make my father’s funeral such a comforting, uplifting experience. The extra miles you have gone, the thoughtfulness you have shown, really touched my heart. I want to praise you, Kenny & your team, the swift experience, guidance, attentiveness, comforts, prayers and support, i could not imagine myself without the service from you, my father’s funeral will not be a beautiful & memorable one! You are awesome and you have shown great guidance when there were disagreements within the mourning family. Last but not least, I would strongly recommend your excellent service to friends and family for your genuine and devoted service!

Love, Lynette.


Hi Deborah,

Thank you for supporting us during our difficult time.

Thank you Deborah, Kenny and your team for supporting us during our period of grief. We are so grateful to your amazing team for making the whole process so smooth and hassle free. You have taken good care of all the details(even small ones) so that we don’t have to worry and can focus on grieving. Thank you for the beautiful set up and your wonderful work. We are so comforted by your presence. And lastly, special thanks to Deborah for serving with great passion and being a wonderful sister in Christ. God bless you.


Charis Tan

I’ve been meeting my church mates for the past few days, one of the things we talk about is how you have blessed our family. The extra efforts u & Kenny did made my mum’s passed on more easily for us to accept. Lots of thanks to both of you!

Good AM Kenny & Deborah, Words could not express the Touch & Care both of u have done or given to our family for the last week & especially this special video… it will be a lifetime treasure & memory for our family. Thanks again with many blessings to both of u!

Special thanks to Deborah for serving with great passion and being a wonderful sister in Christ. God bless you.

Thank you…


Kenny & Deborah, Thank you for supports, prayers, and the helps you all have done for us during the last 5 days. We wont’ be able to thank you all enough.


Deborah, you really have a good taste in this. It’s a talent that God has blessed you with! I told my friends and church mates that this is a ministry for u, not just a business.