Lord, I will worship you with extended hands as my whole heart explodes with praise!

I will tell everyone everywhere about your wonderful works and how your marvelous miracles exceed expectations!

(Psalm 9:1)

 我要一心称谢耶和华,我要传扬你一切奇妙的作为。(诗篇 9:1)

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Leon Leon
Leon Leon
Deborah, Kenny and team, Thanks for taking care of my mum funeral. Your passion, attention to detail and especially your compassion to the family was very much appreciated. Could not thank you guys enough.
A Lim
A Lim
Our heartfelt thanks to Deborah and Kenny for their support, care, sensitivity, understanding and concern. We truly could not have found a better team like them and their team to help us through our difficult period. They truly went way above and beyond the already excellent performance of their professional duties. It was the little things that meant so much to us - gentleness with our mother, caring for our relatives, seamless coordination with pastoral team, even washing fruits and offering sustenance. Many many thanks!! Would highly recommend Passions. They are the best!! 👍👍
Claire Seetoh
Claire Seetoh
I am very impressed by the excellent service, support and care, the clear instructions given and the love and patience shown toward my family on the passing of my dad in order to ensure everything goes well smoothly from the beginning to the end (arrangements of sea burial). Your professionalism and confidence in every detail have made us at ease throughout the whole funeral. Thank you very much! 😍 I would highly recommend you to my loved ones. God bless you and your team! ❤️🙆🏻‍♀️
Leah Tan
Leah Tan
Passion rendered their wonderful service of warmth, love and support to my family on my father’s passing fm 12-19 Nov 2022. Passion took great care of every details for us and guided us through every step very professionally. I am very impressed with Passion and want to express my heartfelt thanks to Deborah, Hanis, Kenny and his team. Thank you very much everyone. God bless yr labour of love!🥰
isaac soong
isaac soong
Deborah, Kenny and the team provided excellent services to my dad funeral wake. They show genuine care and concern to my family especially my mum. Deborah was very supportive and was on hand to provide good advice during the duration of the 5 days wake services. I would highly recommend their services. They offer good pricing vs service quality. They exceeded in their service quality. Excellent service quality. Most of all they show genuine love and care for to their customers.
Samantha Tan
Samantha Tan
Deborah and Kenny, our heartfelt thanks to you and your team for all the prayers and assistance rendered to our family during my mum's recent demise. The wake setup was done up beautifully, professionally, and full of tranquility; it not only impressed those who attended but also gave peace to all who were at the wake and funeral. Everything was well-organised, and every detail was looked into with almost no hiccups. You were very responsive and went beyond your call of duty to handle everything and gave my mum a dignified and memorable send-off. My family and I would like to say a big thank you. May the Lord Bless you!
Davis Foo
Davis Foo
Dearest Team Passion - our heartfelt gratitude for assisting us in our hours of need. You offered us the assurance and delivered with compassion. You went above & beyond in all areas. With your superb support & advice, all went well. Thank you Deborah and Team. God Bless. 🙏🏼
Hui Mei
Hui Mei
Dear Deborah, Kenny and team, Thank you for all the assistance rendered to us in the preparation of my mum’s wake. We were so lost due to the sudden death of her and your team has helped to coordinate the wake so smoothly with beautiful set-up , allowing our friends, relatives and us to bid my mum a beautiful goodbye. Deborah was so patient in explaining the wake details to me, prayed for me and guided me throughout the whole journey. She went beyond her duty, providing lots of encouragement and words and giving me all the support that I want during that tough period. Thank you once again and God blessed!
Seline Ng
Seline Ng
Grand and nice set up, very Professional and committed service by the team 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Deborah n Kenny are really an efficient pair organising my mum funeral from start to finish with no hiccups . Two waiters are provided to serve drinks to guests . And the final send off is very dignified . The car provided for final send off is a Mercedes n look very grand. It is smooth sailing from day one to end . Really appreciate the video montage Deborah took the trouble to make . It was really professional n touching . I would highly recommend Passion service if you ever need to find a bereavement company . You can trust them .
Gg Jessie

Dear Sister Deborah and Brother Kenny, thank u for making our father’s funeral so beautiful and memorable.

I have been to many funerals but I have never seen such a beautiful wake. Even most of my friends and relatives say so. We feel so honoured to be able to have you and Kenny to journey us throughout the entire process.

The kindness and compassion of you and Kenny has extended not only to our family but also to our friends and guests, creating an atmosphere of comfort and peace. Your staff is so helpful and genuine and made us feel at ease and relax.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for you and your team’s unwavering dedication and exceptional service.

My papa must have been so glad and smiling from above.

Alicia Tan

This was our first experience as a family, with the demise of our beloved father and Deborah personally walked us through with constant tender words and warmth. We all felt cared for and experienced peace within through the difficult period as Deborah was arranging everything with heartfelt PASSION. Thank you, Deborah, for giving us all that to our grief. Thank you so much for making the entire process as wonderful and smooth as possible. We appreciate your efficiency and organization of all the details. Thank you and your team so much!
To those who are enquiring, think no more. Rest assured this is and will be the best choice you ever will make in life for your loved one!

Jason Huang

Most timely help in a time of despair, thank you Deborah and your great team.
On behalf of my family, we want you to know that your kind assistance, words, sincerity, perfect workflow and magnificent setup had put us all in full confidence that nothing could go wrong.
Also to congratulate you that many of our friends commented that it was a comfortable attendance for them, the whole setup soothed their sentiments.
Most importantly, you allowed us to send off my dad in a peaceful and dignified manner.
Thank you.

yeo lee

Deborah and her team provided us with top notch services. My family and I were amazed by how well the wake was done. It was our first time taking charge of the wake, we were lost and did not know what to expect, what to do. Deborah was there the whole time, providing us with guidance and making sure everything was in place. We felt at ease with her presence. The wake wouldn’t be able to carry out so smoothly without the help of her and the team. Thank you very much! 🙂


Dear Deborah and Kenny,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional care, compassion, and support you provided to our family during the funeral arrangements and services for our beloved mum.

Losing someone we hold dear is an immensely difficult experience, and your dedication to ensuring that every detail of the funeral was handled with utmost care and sensitivity has made a significant impact on our grieving process. From the very first interaction, you both exhibited a level of empathy and professionalism that gave us immense comfort during this challenging time.

Deborah, your warm and compassionate nature was evident in every conversation we had. You listened attentively to our wishes, concerns, and stories about our loved one, and you went above and beyond to ensure that the funeral arrangements reflected their unique spirit and personality. Your attention to detail, from the floral arrangements to the order of service, was truly remarkable, and it brought us great solace to see our loved one honored with such dignity.

Kenny, your steadfast presence and guidance throughout the funeral services were invaluable. Your calm and reassuring demeanor provided a sense of comfort and stability when we needed it most. You orchestrated the proceedings with grace and respect, ensuring that every aspect of the service was executed flawlessly. Your professionalism and attention to even the smallest details allowed us to focus on grieving and celebrating the life of our dear mum.

The way you both handled the logistics and organization of the funeral was exceptional, but it was your genuine care and understanding that truly set you apart. Your ability to anticipate our needs, offer gentle guidance, and provide emotional support was a true blessing during this trying time. Your kindness and compassion extended not only to our family but also to our friends and guests, creating an atmosphere of comfort and unity.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your unwavering dedication and exceptional service. The profound impact you have made on our family will forever be remembered and cherished. Your kindness and professionalism have transformed an otherwise daunting and painful process into one of healing and remembrance.

During our time of grief, you both became pillars of strength, and we are forever grateful for the care and support you extended to us. Your genuine compassion has helped ease our burden and provided us with the space to mourn and honor our loved one.

Once again, thank you for your unwavering commitment to excellence and your compassionate presence. Your kindness has touched our hearts, and we will forever hold you in high regard.

Loga Nathan
My family are very thankful to have engaged Passion Bereavement Care team led by Ms Deborah Kang to handle my brother’s funeral arrangements. The team were sincere, kind and professional going about the entire process. We were very pleased with all they did during the bereavement.
Q Campbell

At a time of such grief and sorrow, losing our most loved Husband/ Father/ Father-In-Law/ Grandpa, our family needed someone professional & trustworthy to rely on to handle this important event.

The team of Passion bereavement care, especially Deborah & Kenny, gave us one of the greatest support. Since the first minute we met till the very end, we were approached with what we needed most during this period of time, love, care, compassion, understanding, respectfulness, assurance, support and unfailing gentleness and smiles.

Upon arrival at the wake, We were astonished with the entire set up by the team. It was obvious that each and every area were fully taken into consideration during their set up. We’ve people giving compliments on the entire beautiful set up. We’re glad to hear their compliments.

Our beloved one lying in the coffin, looked extremely peaceful, charming, handsome and flawless. The make up was good, the shirt and blazer were all aligned. We couldn’t find any defects to feedback on. Everyone who paid their last respect to dad, said he’s very good looking and looks very peaceful. We’re really glad to receive these praises over dad.

Deborah immediately settled an unforeseen circumstance caused by the stormy rain which took place on one of the early morning during the wake. We were impressed with her calmness handling that situation and most of all, her efficiency. Within a short time, everything was rectified. Thank you for being there 24 hours for us.

Also, The team come dressed up very smart and well in their shirts and blazers daily. They helped usher our guests during service. And They have the whole area and washroom cleaned daily. Leaving us no worries at all at a time like this. Truly impressed.

Deep from the bottom of our hearts, Our family appreciates everything that you’ve done for dad & us. You’ve truly been one of our greatest blessings and support during this time of our grief and confusion.

To experience what we’ve shared (which words aren’t enough to describe how reliable your service is), We hope anyone in need of such service, can engage you & your team to personally experience this goodness.

Once again, we thank you Passion bearevment care, Deborah & Kenny, for all that you’ve done for us & dad. May God bless you tremendously!

With lots of Love ❤️
Family of Mr Jimmy

esmeralda ong
Serve with passion. Deborah and team are compassionate and caring.
Feel very comforted and assured that everything are done in perfection. Good job!
Iris Lim
Good service , good staff and appreciated your and thanks for the help
Chye Weitong
My mom went HOME with her our Lord Jesus Christ on 25 March 2023. From the moment we called Deborah until the scattering of her ash, the impeccable service rendered by her team comforted us during our time of our mourning. Everything was perfectly handled and from the start of arranging the funeral till the last journey of scattering her ash in the Garden of Peace. We need not do anything and this allowed us to grieve. On behalf of my family, we want to thank Deborah and her team especially her team members, Kenny and Hanis. With deep gratitude to Passion Bereavement and for standing with us throughout the time of our mourning. Thank you, Deborah & Team, from Khoo Family
Serena Khoo
We had just completed the funeral services for our beloved grandma. Great thanks to Passion Bereavement Care who took care of all the arrangements & made it a beautiful & memorable 5 days for us. Kudos to Deborah, Kenny & the team who did everything almost to perfection & going the extra mile to value-add including impromptu sharing session. Would strongly recommend Passion!
Jessie Chng
My brother-in-law’s passing was unexpected, he has gone to heaven with our Lord peacefully in his sleep past mid-nite.
One call to Passion Bereavement Care and their worker showed up to take him away from the hospital.
With their assistance, every steps went very smoothly and kept our family from unnecessary stress.
The care, professionalism, personal touch and even the decoration for the wake was amazing. Their service, compassion and attention to details truly impressed us.
We would like to bless Deborah, Kenny & Team for their go the extra-mile, passionate and dedicated service rendered to our family during this difficult time.

We highly recommend this funeral home!

We believe in blessings,
Jonah Tan and Family

Jonah Tan

To Deborah, Kenny and the Passion Bereavement Care Team

Your team went the extra mile to make sure the final journey for my late mum was a dignified and beautiful one. We deeply appreciate the personal and professional services rendered to us.
Deborah was wonderful; she’s ever respectful of our needs and never pressured us into making hasty decisions. She made sure everything went smoothly and prayed alongside us even as she helped us through the various processes during the 5 days of the wake.
Kenny was excellent in the way he organised the memorial and cremation services. He was very attentive and polite throughout. He would also regularly check with us to see if there is anything that they can be of help to fulfil.
Deborah and Kenny offered comforting and encouraging words to the family; and were very prompt in attending to our requests, helping us through a difficult time.
The team who did the embalming for my late mum also did excellent work.
The set up at the wake was serene and calm, comforting the family and our visitors.

Our family would like to offer our sincere appreciation to the team at Passion Bereavement Care! The send-off was dignified, just as my late mum would have wanted it.

The Passion Team served with passion and love!!

From Liang Family

Chinjuan Liang

Our heartfelt thanks to Deborah and Kenny for their support, care, sensitivity, understanding and concern. We truly could not have found a better team like them and their team to help us through our difficult period. They truly went way above and beyond the already excellent performance of their professional duties. It was the little things that meant so much to us – gentleness with our mother, caring for our relatives, seamless coordination with pastoral team, even washing fruits and offering sustenance. Many many thanks!!

Would highly recommend Passions. They are the best!!

Adeline Lim

Creative and Passionate in all things

Anthony Loh
Dear Deborah, Kenny and team at Passion Bereavement Care,
I would appreciate it if you could help me to upload this feedback for your company.
Thank you so much. I want to say no words is enough to express our heartfelt appreciation for your service.
Nonetheless, I tried to pen our thanks for you and your team.
Thank you for serving my family during the bereavement of our beloved late mother.
Your meticulous handling of our beloved late mom’s funeral truly exceeded our expectations.
I cannot tell you enough how much it meant to us.
Thank you Deborah for journeying with me, praying with me when mom was ill and supporting me in the care of my mom during her last days, both practically and spiritually. Thank you Kenny for leading your team in serving us with love and passion in the most professional and caring way during the funeral. My family sincerely appreciate you and pray that the Lord continue to bless and keep you strong and passionate for His kingdom work.
– Joanne and family
Words cannot describe how thankful I am to Passion Bereavement Care for the professional service provided by Deborah and her dedicated team. Deborah has such a pleasant and calm disposition and always pays attention to details. My family really appreciate all the help and guidance that Deborah has given us.
The decorations and set up were very beautiful and received a lot of compliments from friends and relatives.
The name of the company is very befitting to the wonderful service they provided to me and my family during our times of sorrow.
I am so glad that with the help of the professional team from Passion Bereavement Care, my family was able to give my sister a nice send-off.
I highly recommend this company!
Christina Lim-Daniel
A friend recommended Passion to us when my mum was called home to be with the Lord. Deborah, Kenny and team did a very good job. We were very impressed by their professionalism. All their staff were very well mannered and helpful too.
Many who came were very impressed by the setup. The whole setting was beautiful, elegant, peaceful and serene. The flowers and ribbons were so pretty like a wedding garden where indeed my mum was meeting her bridegroom Jesus! 💕
Deborah and Kenny took care of every detail from the beginning to the end. We were very glad and proud to have engaged them. Big thanks to Deborah, Kenny and team and I would strongly recommend Passion to anyone.
Christina See
We are much blessed by Deborah and Kenny from Passion Bereavement Co in walking us through the details during wake and funeral. They came promptly and even provided us Sam to be a great helper throughout the wake, sanitizing the tables and chairs. We are much blessed and comforted. The setup was beautiful, neat and peaceful. Dad was sent off in a honourable and respectable way! Thank you for your ministry in reaching out to the family of the bereaved. We very much appreciate your love and care!
Morica Chia
We would like to give our heartfelt Thanks to Passion Bereavement team and especially to Deborah and Kenny.
It is God’s blessing for us to have met them during a difficult season. It is their professionalism and authentic service engagement that left a graceful, honourable, restful and peaceful experience and last journey for our beloved dad. Lastly but not least, they went the extra mile to take care and look out for us during this challenging period of our life.
We would strongly recommend Passion Bereavement Care for their dedicated service.
Cecilia Teo
My dad passed away in March, it was sudden for us. My sis insisted to go with Passion as she has attended a wake done by them and witnessed their wonderful service.
We went through the end to end process ourselves and it was beyond expectation. Most critically its not only about the amazing service, what touches us are the honour and respect they commit to my late dad in addition to the empathy and support to the bereaved family. This attitude prevails in every of their staff regardless of their roles, they take do their role with pride and respect.
They were there with us through the process of trying to cope with the sudden loss while trying to manage the logistical/administrative load for the wake and all.
The wake was so beautifully decorated it was such a great testimony for God on how we choose to celebrate my dad’s life and that my dad is being fetched by God to heaven now.
The montage they prepared, the photo table helped us to overcome the grief with the beautiful memories we have with my dad. They did the live stream of the cremation for us and we got the soft copies of the montage/live stream recording as keepsake.
Im so thankful for this amazing team and thankful that my sis know about them so that we can use them. Thank you Deborah, Kenny and the team.
Angeline Pang
Firstly I would like to thank the Almighty GOD for giving us the peace in our hearts & showing us the way when my family and myself lost our beloved Mum, Grandma, Aunty..
We didn’t know what to prepare for as we only knew the basic stuffs .. till we were recommended by a friend and told us that Passion Bereavement Care are a very reliable undertaker that understands the needs of the family and will do and recommend things accordingly with a reasonable budget.
I must add that Passion did more beyond that what we had expected .. that explains the name of their company which is FULL of passion.
They took care of everything from the very start till the end of the sea burial.
They are very friendly , understanding , caring and loving towards our needs with a special touch.
They are swift to reply in their messages, the setting up was indeed fast very accurate in their timing as well. Their instruction were easy to follow and very well explained.
The cleanliness is superb especially during in this pandemic.
The guys on duty were very friendly, courteous and well manned .. all were neat and very well dressed in taking pride of their respective role in their jobs .
I will personally give them a 5 🌟(star)rating on their service. Thank you Passion for all the planning, work, & arrangement.. my family is truly Blessed 😇🙏🏼
Andrew Simon
Thank you Deborah, Kenny & the entire team from Passion Bereavement Care for ensuring that my dad last journey was so honourable, smooth & grand. All staff was attentive and extremely compassionate. Grand deluxe package was definitely worth it and all expectation were met. Not pushy & no hard selling. Everything listed on the package is being delivered. Highly recommend 👍🏻 Once again, thank you. God bless!
Grace Ann
Highly recommend Passion Bereavement. Deborah and Kenny are meticulous and professional in helping families in times of loss. This is not just a business to them but also a ministry to honour God. The entire wake was so beautifully set up. Their staff sanitised the place in every 2hrs. During the wake and funeral services, staff are present to help church staff in ensuring a smooth process 🙏🏻👍🏻
Claire Yeh
Passion bereavement care had put an extra effort decoration that every people pay respect to my mum was very surprise look like wedding place. It give people joy mood. very well done.
Joseph Kok
On behalf of my family, I would like to thank Deborah, Kenny and the team at Passion Bereavement Care for their excellent service in my mother’s funeral.
They handled every aspect of the 3-day procession, from the receipt of the body to the encoffining and cremation, with utmost sincerity and diligence. For example, when we discovered that the mourning portrait was low in resolution, Deborah went the extra mile to enhance the photograph for us. The set-up done was also beautiful and elegant and it provided the venue with a soothing and serene atmosphere.
The event was also very organised and well-planned, which allowed us to focus on grieving and honouring our late mother. The team was very professional and experienced in what they do, and I highly recommend them for anyone in need of bereavement services. Thank you so much for your professionalism and thoughtfulness. It is deeply appreciated.
– Max Wong.
Maximilian Wong
Passion Bereavement Care has displayed great passion and compassion in their professionalism. There is no hidden cost in the package deal offered.
I am greatly impressed by the meticulous attention to minute details in the entire setup of the tentage, coordination details of the Memorial wake service, cremation and sea burial. Program sheets were printed, excellent sound system and recording of songs. Photos and videos were also taken of the entire event for our record.
Our family had a wonderful, amazing stress-free experience. I would highly recommend Passion Bereavement Care where the spirit of excellence is displayed in their service.
Monica Tong

Dear Deborah, Kenny and the team members,

My most heartfelt thanks for all the help, service and support you have given me to properly send off my late mom gracefully. Mama was the Most caring, loving, forgiving and strong lady whom we will all cherish in our memories.

It was truly a blessing that the very first and only funeral planner i chose to call was you. Eventhough I’ve opted for a simple memorial service and cremation, Passion Bereavement Care has done a wonderful and very professional job to make everything stress-free in my most difficult time. Truly appreciate the floral arrangement and executed a very good quality video streaming of the whole process for the overseas attendees.

The attending pastor (Reverend Adam Lim) delivered a memorial service that evoked peace and tranquility in all our family and friends hearts.

Deborah, you have been a beacon of kindness, my most sincere thanks again for all your help. You have a highly commendable and excellent team. Best regards & God Bless.

Victor C.

Victor C.
Dearest Deborah and Kenny,
I would like to show our greatest appreciation to you both for assisting, guiding and taking care of every single details during the 3 days wake of my father in Nov this year.
I have received positive feedbacks especially on the decor which they mentioned of how peaceful and beautiful it was especially blue is my father’s favorite color.
Deborah and Kenny responded to our every request in the most promptly way and making sure the whole funeral is running and executing smoothly from sanitize the tables, ensuring the safe distancing measures, to the funeral service (including the IT , sound system).
Even on the day of cremation I rem it was raining but they ensured that umbrella is provided for all the people and execute the flow of service as smooth as possible.
They also manage to take pictures and video for us that captures precious moments during the whole wake and we can have memories to hold for life.
So on behalf of my mum and my siblings, thank you Deborah, Kenny and the team for the great works rendered to us during this time of grieving. We appreciated and may The Lord continue to bless and prosper your hands in all you are embarking to.
Please stay well and safe.
Love from Eva
Eva Tan
My father passed away suddenly. While we grieve and made peace with our sudden lost, we are grateful for Deborah and her team to help made arrangement to send my father off respectfully. No one will be experience or prepared for such an event, so we are glad Passion can take care of this area properly. Thank you for being there for us. Appreciate it.
Jasmine Tuan
On behalf half of my dearest family, I want to express our sincerest heartfelt thankfulness to all love ones, relatives and friends that shower upon us during this time. Pa pa sudden call Home give us no clue how to go about. Thank you for Pastor Jireh Ang of Emmanuel at everitt for guiding us and lead us to Passion Bereavement Care, Deborah and her team.
All on my mind was to give my pa pa a dignified and beautiful final journey Home. Deborah and team are so delicate to all arrangements from the building up of the tent wake and to the final sea burial. The tent wake it is so beautifully set up with the my pa favourite colour 💙 flowers and awesome Shalom presence surround. Thank you for dress up pa pa so clean. neat and handsome, thank you for the photos and all videos captured for our family, it will be our memories keep forever.
Thank you again🤍🌻💞
Evon Ting
Dear Deborah, Kenny and team,
Thank you for all the assistance rendered to us in the preparation of my mum’s wake.
We were so lost due to the sudden death of her and your team has helped to coordinate the wake so smoothly with beautiful set-up , allowing our friends, relatives and us to bid my mum a beautiful goodbye.
Deborah was so patient in explaining the wake details to me, prayed for me and guided me throughout the whole journey. She went beyond her duty, providing lots of encouragement and words and giving me all the support that I want during that tough period.
Thank you once again and God blessed!
HuiMei Xu
Deborah and her team provided excellent and heartwarming service with a strong personal touch to support family and loved ones through the bereavement journey over the funeral. Very accommodating to requests of the family. The set up of the funeral was elegant, exuding dignity and love in memory of our father. It was a perfect funeral for our father and we highly recommended Passion.
Kene Ng

Dear Deborah,

Praise God for Passion Bereavement Care Pte Ltd excellence & sensitivity.
Thank you so much for the personal & professional service rendered to us. It is a  blessing in time of sorrow to meet you through this experience.
You are thoughtful and comprehensive to walk through every step.
I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for all that you have done. Thank you so much that you have gone beyond the scope of your service for doing the footprint & fingerprint for my little grandson. Without your guidance & advice. I would have been overwhelmed with grief.
Again, my heartfelt gratitude towards your kindness and compassion.
Really no words are enough to express our appreciation. May God bless you always.

Mr & Mrs Chai.

Mr & Mrs Chai
Dear Deborah, Kenny and Passion Bereavement Care Team,
First and foremost, I would like to express my biggest thank you for making my grandma, Mdm Tang’s, final journey with her loved ones a memorable and heartfelt one.
Mama’s the first in the family to accept Christ during her last moments in life. When we were faced with unexpected news of her passing on a Saturday morning, my aunt connected us with Deborah as we proceeded to hold a Christian wake. Deborah and Kenny were swift in their assistance to come down to the hospital and guided us through the processes on the funeral arrangements.
Everything was set up beautifully and the video montage was definitely an additional touch to the wake as it brought us through a trip down memory lane, a remembrance of a great life lived. Despite some unforeseen incidences, Deborah and Kenny definitely stepped up above and beyond their duties to provide assurance and comfort to the family members and also constantly prayed for us throughout the wake.
A memorable moment was also getting the families’ involvement in making our own bouquets for mama with the wreaths, it truly was a heartwarming activity for us to do before the cremation service.
Deborah also checked in on our well-being post funeral, and her dedication to her service really speaks volumes. I think words alone cannot be enough to express how much gratitude we have for the team and Pastor Samuel. Kudos to staff Sheng Foo for his exemplary dedication to his role throughout the wake too.
Keep up your great service and once again, on behalf of the Poh Family, deepest thank you Deborah and Passion Bereavement Care Team!
Charmaine Poh
Deborah, the funeral planner, is such a compassionate and kind lady, who went the extra mile to make sure the final journey for the deceased is a dignified and beautiful one. Deborah prayed along with the family of the deceased the moment she arrived to meet the family. Offered comforting and encouraging words and love to the family and gave alot of support and help. Her entire team of servers is very gentle and kind too. The set up at the wake was serene, calm and comforting, with biblical significance. Good sound system – Bose. Highly recommended.
Hannee Soo
Dear sister Deborah of Passion Bereavement
Thank you so much to you and your wonderful team for a seemless organisation and arrangement of my wife, Lisa funeral. I comment you for your excellent service and efficient management of these last 5 days.
Thank God for sending angelic help in times of distress and need. May God’s Blessing be upon you and your whole team!
God Bless!
Willie Ong
Hello Deborah & Kenny, this recommendation is way long overdue! Every time when the family gathers and remembers my grandfather, we would always recall how your team guided and provided so much comfort with your excellent arrangements. When grandpa passed on unexpectedly, it was the first time the family had to hold a Christian wake & being the only believer, I was at loss with what to do. Deborah came down at almost 1 am in the morning, on last-minute notice, went to grandpa’s residential area with us to look at how the wake should be arranged, and briefed both myself and my mom on the administrative matters and what to expect in the next few days.
We felt really assured with all the arrangements. She was forthcoming in telling us what expenses are need / not needed. Both Kenny and herself explained details in the most simple manner to my uncles and aunties. Also took the effort to pray for my family members during and after the wake. They made sure that my mom, uncles, and aunties know what is going on and the purpose of each procession.
It was really great support for me, especially when the family entrusted me with most of the responsibilities. They gave me clear direction on what I can do to support my family & helping them understand what happens after death for us Christians.
Words really can’t express how the team has changed our lives with the heart that goes into their all arrangements & conversations that we had.
Excellent service. The staff is efficient and accommodating. The funeral director, Deborah, puts herself in the shoes of others and thus able to anticipate issues the grieving families may encounter. Her caring disposition, dedication, commitment and resourcefulness enable her to either pre-empt issues or resolve them effectively, sometimes at the expense of herself. Her after-sales service and follow-ups are sincere and timely. I thank Passion Bereavement Care for managing my husband’s funeral service according to what I had wanted and beyond my expectation. I thank God too for all that were done for my husband and his loved ones.

(诗篇 116:15 )

作为一位牧师,这节经文我相当熟悉。2020年新冠状病毒肆虐全球,当新加坡在阻断措施的期间,我经历了许多,有机会能够在这里写下来和大家诉说是我的荣幸。Passion Bereavement Care 是众多殡葬业的其中一间,可是Passion的服务及所带来的震撼,让我非常感恩。

在阻断措施期间,我和Passion一共处理了几起”捐棺”的丧礼;已故者许多是在医院病故的病人或者是流浪汉或者是无人认领遗体的老人家。过往我当然也和其他的殡葬业处理过这样的例子,可是Passion给我的却是如此的震撼。Passion 的江顾问不只是免费捐官,而且还为遗体打防腐针,这是一般的殡葬业不会做的,因为这一类的会直接火化遗体,不需要打防腐针,可是Passion却多此一举,因为一般有打防腐针的遗体比较容易上妆(化妆也是一般的殡葬业也不会处理的)。我曾经问过江顾问,问她为什么要做和别人不一样的事情呢?因为打针上妆都是额外的一笔费用。她的回复出乎我的意料,她回答说就算一个人走了,也要让他走的有尊严,美美的上路。她还亲自已故者献上漂亮的玫瑰花,放在棺木上,使整个仪式看起来非常的美丽和尊严。



atiemsu 一位马上要离开人世的老人,他努力地对特蕾莎修女说出了最后一句话:“我的一生活的像条狗,可妳让我死的像一个天使,谢谢妳。”





(诗篇 116:15 )

在Passion 我也看到了这样的服务精神,让已故者能够有尊严地离开,送完他人生最后的一程,虽然没有人出席他的丧礼,一个人都没有,但是Passion 却细心的安排了牧师来主持火化礼,当天的仪式有牧师、有江顾问,还有她所献上的漂亮的鲜花。这只是我个人的一些感触的言语,希望在此祝福 Passion Bereavement Care 蒙神的祝福 !

要叫你施舍的事行在暗中。你父在暗中察看,必然报答你(有古卷:必在明处报答你)。”(马太福音 6:4)



⁨Deborah Kang⁩, Kenny n Team. Once again, thank for your support. You really live up to your company name, Passion. You had gone beyond the duty of care. Even your sincere prayer from the beginning to the end touch our heart. No better words can describe the effort you guy had put in. A lot of our relative gave good reviews of the beautiful decorations and your personalised touch service. Thank you for making my father’s last journey on earth a smooth one. God bless your ministry 💖
Our Family thanks Passion Bereavement Care for the services rendered over the 3 nights.
Deborah Kang/Kenny and her team were professional, quick to respond on-site whenever needs arose, provided clear instruction and advice on the flow of the memorial and funeral services in the midst of the COVID-19 restrictions. This has freed us of many of the necessary administrative matters.
There are words cannot express our appreciation but will be remembered in our hearts. And once again thank you for your professionalism with a human touch.
PhilipLydia Foo
My father-in-law (FIL) has just been called home with our Lord. Pastor has helped to get Passion to make all arrangements for the 3-night wake, memorial service and funeral. Passion has deeply impressed me for the show of sincerity, good leadership, coordinated team work and attention to various details in their work and arrangements.
Pastor was the family’s key person liaising with Passion during the period of bereavement. I would like to share some of my observation on Passion’s staff. Lead persons Deborah and Kenny listened attentively to the needs of the family. Staff team then worked closely together with clear instructions from Deborah and Kenny to meet these needs. For example, one of my FIL’s last wish was for mourners to be comforted with good food at the wake. With SMMs kicked in, no food and beverage were allowed. So the family has requested for flowers to fill the place as a show of serenity, peace and grace from God to comfort mourners. When the body arrived, it was received solemnly on advice and arrangement by Kenny and his team. The work of laying out flowers and other items for the place of paying last respect was very well coordinated. Family members received good feedback on the lay-out as it was really comforting. The same amount of attention by the staff was also given to the memorial service on the last night.
Professionalism may be a word too commercial to describe services provided by Passion. “Passion” is the right description as the staff have truly lived out love out of passion in their best efforts to serve the bereaved family. So the company’s name “Passion” is not just a registered name. To me it is also a mission and a pledge of commitment by the staff to the fulfilment of the family in paying last respect to the one resting in peace. Thank you Passion.
Thank you to Deborah, Kenny and your team for giving our father a dignified send off. Our heartfelt gratitude for the professionalism displayed, attention to details and for taking care of many aspects of the funeral arrangements for us. Your thoughtful and kind gesture in assigning an extra staff to help us with the temperature taking and registration upon observing that our family is small is greatly appreciated.
We are truly blessed to have found you and your team.
Family of the late Mr Ong Chwee Aik
Dear Deborah,
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards you and your team for the amount of effort that you guys have put into helping to organize the funeral.
Your team was efficient in setting up the ceremony and processes – the decoration of the funeral was beautiful and quick to set up. In particular, we are thankful that ample time was given for friends & family to bid their goodbyes. The team was very helpful and helped to settle all administrative processes, as such we were not stressed by the COVID restrictions. In addition, Deborah & her team tried to provide comfort to us as much as they could.
Overall, we would like to thank Deborah and her team for being there for us every step of the way! Thank you & may god bless you.

Lee Yu Qing
Passion Bereavement Care Pte Ltd
Dear Deborah, Kenny and staff,
“Our late beloved Father Phee Kim khuay”
Our whole family thanks you for the special funeral flower arrangement it was gorgeous during those three days on (30/5/21 – 2/6/21) we feel so grateful and appreciated in these tough times that you hv help us, once again thank you very much, May God Bless you abundantly, take care and stay safe.🙏😷
我要感谢Sis Debroeh Bro kenny,团队
你们的服务一丝不苟,全始全终. 👍❤
愿神祝福passion Bereavement care,”愿耶和华赐福给你,保护你,愿耶和华使他的脸光照你,赐恩給你.愿耶和华向你仰脸,赐你平安.”(民6-24,26)Amen🙏

Joyce Phee
Dearest Deborah and Passion Care Bereavement, I cannot thank you enough for your REAL passion to be involved in our late father’s passing and all the arrangements and advised you gave us. Words cannot replace your heart and care that you took to help us with organising such a beautiful and touching farewell to my dearest papa.
Especially during the time of of the height of the pandemic of Covid. The wait for me to return from overseas, and having to be quarantined for 21days, let alone the days he had to wait for me to return so that I could touch my Dad one last time and physically say farewell to him….. before we could arrange everything to make sure had a beautiful goodbye with the people whom didn’t expect him to leave so suddenly.
Your attention to details, your prayers and advise is beyond what I could asked for. My family and I are truly blessed that we connected with you to assist us with all the arrangements. Your care and benevolence to make sure the journey we had to experience is really something only very few special people in this industry can achieve. Your big big heart to connect us with all the people we know. Your unyielding faith in what you do cannot express how thankful my family and especially myself are to you. Arranging this event with me while I am in quarantine for 21 days. The time you spent praying with me and my family.
My family and myself am truly truly beyond touched by everything you had done.

Pearl Lim
Dear Deborah, Kenny and team,
Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for our family at our father’s funeral.
It was a beautiful ceremony that was so warm and heartfelt, and it was made possible only by the amazing service from your team, as well as the thoughtfulness behind every aspect of funeral.
Despite all the covid restrictions, we didn’t feel stressed or bogged down by the administrative matters at all, as your team had everything covered. This allowed us to grieve fully and to freely spend time with our loved ones. Many of our friends and relatives who dropped by also shared that the setup was beautiful, and would like their own funerals to be organized by your company, too.
Deborah also led our family in a bouquet building activity that made full use of the wreaths that were sent to us, and it was a very meaningful way for us to send yeye off as a family.
Once again, thank you for the exemplary service and for making this send off a peaceful, heartfelt and stress-free one.

Grace Ke

Dear Deborah, Kenny and Team,

My family and I would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to all of you for your invaluable assistance rendered to us in preparing all the necessary arrangements which you carried out so impeccably for my grandmother. From the beginning to the end, the arrangements were dealt with in a reverent, dignified and respectful manner.

Your service was second to none, delivered with the utmost care, compassion and professionalism. It meant a lot to us that you and your team showed up at the funeral venue everyday to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

The funeral itself was beautiful. My grandma’s coffin resplendent with all the flowers was a beautiful and peaceful sight that we shall never forget. I know that my grandmother would have appreciated the way in which her funeral was conducted and all of us were greatly impressed. You and your team did a fantastic job throughout.

Wishing all at Passion Bereavement Care every success now and in the future.

Thank you once again and may God bless you and your team.

Best regards.

Chloe (and Ong family)

Deborah and Kenny

My mother in law (Mdm Poh Seng) passed away on 27 Dec. And the whole funeral arrangements were handled by your bereavement services.

The services were fantastic and the staff were very professional. They took care of several minor details. And both of you were very meticulous in the steps and process as to what we are to do and so on.

Due to the Covid 19 restrictions, you even provided a staff to monitor the size of the attendees.

The wake, funeral procession, cremation, sea burial (30 Dec 2020), were all very well taken care off. And not to mentioned the presence of both of you most of the time to help and advise us along the way.

The family members and I are very touched by your kindness, helpfulness and presence. And like you said, besides being a business, it is also a ministry and indeed it do reach out even to fellow bros and sisters.

We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and help throughout. And once again, on behalf of the family and myself, we would like to say THANK YOU again.

Pang Sze Meng

Three words best describe Passion Bereavement Care: Caring, Compassionate and Professional.

Deborah, Kenny and the crew did a great job! I would highly recommend them.

Chong Kam Tuck

Deborah and Kenny,

Chiang Family is greatly blessed to have you in charge of my Dad’s final journey.

Thank you for your gentleness in handling every detail needed for the funeral wake arrangement when we were caught off guard with the loss of our dad. You provided the much-needed know-how.

Your words when advising us in handling every request and needs of the Chiang Family, were filled with sincerity and respect, thank you.

While we were thankful for the over-flowing of people coming to pay their last respect to my dad, we were also overwhelmed. Your tactfulness in handling the guest with love and passion went beyond the call of duty. I am personally impacted by your initiative. Thank you

May the Lord continue to use you as a channel of blessings to the brokenhearted as a Bereavement Agent.

Charlie Chiang (Chiangster... Family)

On behalf of my family, I’d like to thank Deborah, Kenny and team for their detailed service and very sincere assistance throughout the funeral.

You went above and beyond to ensure that our guests were well taken care of and even offered to set up a zoom session for our friends and relatives who were unable to physically attend the memorial service.

On the last day, thank you Deborah for your thoughtful suggestion for our family to arrange flowers individually to present it during the final service. It was meaningful and very memorable for the entire family.

We deeply appreciate everything you have done to help us get through this sad time. And may God bless you and use your excellent service to help and comfort many who are going through grieving time.

Once again, thank you Passion Bereavement Care for the great service and support. God bless.

Kuan Siok Hong Jacqueline