Why Zoom?

In recent times, due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have witnessed many families with family members overseas who were unable to return to Singapore to attend the funerals of their loved ones. In response to this, Passion Bereavement Care launched a Zoom Service initiative in order to allow family members who are overseas to attend the funeral wake through the power of video conferencing as well as to give their eulogy during the Memorial Service. While we understand that nothing can truly replace the experience of being there personally to attend the funeral, our Zoom service is able to help those who are stranded overseas due to Covid-19 to be able to see their loved ones for the last time.

Why Passion Bereavement Care?

Since we started providing Zoom service as part of our comprehensive packages, the take-up rate for our Zoom service has been consistently high due in part to the government regulations that mandated not more than 10 people may be in attendance at any time in a funeral wake. Our professional team will do the set-up, testing and maintenance of all our professional-grade equipment to ensure that your family and friends have the best viewing and listening experience during the Memorial Service, fuss-free.

I Have Heard That Zoom Does Not Have Good Security, Is This True?

Do rest assured that your privacy and security are also our concerns here at Passion Bereavement Care and that we will do our utmost to give you and your family the privacy that you deserve. Zoom’s security protocols (or lack of) was called into question following media reports that students using Zoom as part of their Home-Based Learning (HBL) during the Circuit Breaker period had their live classes hijacked and replaced with obscene materials. Zoom has since improved on and upgraded their security protocols to ensure that no such incidents will happen again. Passion Bereavement Care has done several cases to date (29 May 2020) and has not encountered any issues with the security and stability of Zoom so far.

What Kind Of Equipment Do You Use For Zoom? How Do I Know The Quality Of The Audio/Video Will Be Good?

Passion Bereavement Care prides ourselves on delivering quality solutions to our clients. As such, we use a professional audio mixer, two studio-quality amplifiers as well as high-quality megapixel cameras and A.lav/V.lav microphones to achieve a high standard of video recording and video transmission. Our tried-and-tested methods allow us to enable your relative living thousands of miles away to give their eulogy from the comfort of their home without any static and with clear, crisp audio.

I Want To Have A Zoom Service For My Loved One’s Funeral But I Also Want A Video Recording, Is That Possible?

Yes, it is possible. Do speak to our funeral director so that we may find out more about your wants and needs and address them accordingly. Call us today for a non-obligatory, fuss-free quote!

Testimony From Zoom

今年年初认识了一个不会说话,不能走路,听觉失灵,患有肌肉萎缩症的姐妹,她的父亲过世了。这段期间也是刚好疫情开始的时候。由于患有肌肉萎缩症,必须依靠轮椅和佣人帮忙,在行动上已经是很不方便了,再加上疫情的关系,那天林女士由于有点发烧,不能亲自参加火化礼。不能够亲自到万里送别父亲。身为独生女,林女士的忧心和难过可想而知。我记得她不断嘱咐我,交代我和他的儿子说要把父亲的这个火化礼做得好好的。“我不能亲自送他,请你一定要把这件事办好”。我一直对她说你放心我会把它办好的。我也会把一些 video 拍下来发给她看。

当我听牧师在丧礼上讲最后一篇道的时候,我的心中有很多感触,多么希望林女士能够在现场听见,见证这一切。我一直在想她现在的心情一定很忧心难过,一定一直在看着时钟… 默默的祷告著…


我的心一直纠结着。我的心一直在问上帝,我下一个 case 应该怎么处理,才能够真正安慰丧家,才不会让丧家留下任何遗憾。让他们好像亲临现场这样… 一个星期后我们的 broadcast / zoom 诞生了。

我们开始为家属用 Zoom 的方式,让那些因受疫情影响,不能够参与追思礼和火化礼的家属,尤其是在海外的亲人和好友能看现场直播视频。让他们在这疫情阻断期间不能回国也可以参于整个追思仪式。