Passion Bereavement Care

Passion Bereavement Care was founded with the vision and aim of providing funeral services and sending off the deceased’s body in a peaceful, respectful, and honourable manner regardless of their birth, wealth/status and the lives they lived.

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Honoring Loved Ones With A Dignified Funeral Service

We are committed to providing our utmost support to the families of the deceased while they struggle with the loss of their loved ones. We understand that during these difficult times, family members may feel at a loss as to what to do. Passion Bereavement Care will do our utmost to ensure a smooth and fuss-free process for the deceased such as providing advanced planning, on-site bereavement support, counselling as well as handling any matters related to repatriation.

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Planning A Meaningful Memorial Service

At Passion Bereavement Care, we aim to provide the deceased with a dignified funeral service while also helping the families overcome their grief through the love of Christ. Losing loved ones can be an emotionally taxing and stressful experience, and we want to be there to share your burdens. As Christians, we believe that death is not the end of the journey, but the beginning of a new afterlife with our Daddy God in Heaven. While grief is an unavoidable aspect of any funeral, we hope to bring the love of Christ through healing and reconciliation to grieving families.

While many of us harbour regrets in life, sins or shortcomings, it is ultimately the end that matters. Only through Christ and by letting go of any unforgiveness, anger, regrets, past successes and failures can we embrace total freedom.

It is God’s heart and desire to see us living passionately and walking into the destiny that He has designed for us to enjoy peace, comfort and love.

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Serving you with our passion

Passion Bereavement Care is a young company in the industry. Despite our relatively short history, we have already served numerous clients and helped many families to find comfort and closure through the love of Christ and the heart of God.

24hrs Hotline

We understand that tragedy can strike anytime and anywhere. Therefore, we are just a call away as our 24-hour hotline exists to provide support around the clock, 7 days a week.
+65 9450 3710

Advanced Planning

Sometimes, it may be necessary to be prepared for the worst. While such matters are never pleasant, Passion Bereavement Care will always exercise our utmost consideration and patience in assisting our clients throughout this difficult process.

Grief Counselling

Losing a loved one may happen during a particularly stressful period in our lives, and it can be easy to be consumed by negativity or depression. Our dedicated Grief Counsellors are always ready to help and guide at a moment’s notice.